Logical Systems and Models

The Department of Logical Systems and Models at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge (ISSK) – BAS is the successor of the Section “Logic” at the former Institute for Philosophical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is a specialized unit in ISSK, which systematically develops projects in the field of contemporary logic and semantics.

The Department is orientated to investigations determined by the fast development of non-classical logics as paraconsistent and relevant logics, many-valued and fuzzy logics, intensional and non-monotonic systems, semantics of possible and impossible worlds, the theories of vagueness and others, as well as their applications in the fields of epistemology, ontology, linguistics and computer science. The research interest is also strongly connected with the specification of logical consequence in  different logical theories, the theories of argumentation, logical paradoxes, contemporary problems in philosophy of science and others.

The members of the department have a number of publications, some of which in prestigious international journals. The department “Logical Systems and Models” published the first of its kind in Bulgaria “Encyclopedic Dictionary on Logic and Semantics” (Zvezdi Press, 2012), which continues to complement and update.

The Department organizes an annual conference “Logical Models”, which in the most cases is international or with international participation.

The members of the Department have a good experience not only in research, but also in teaching.

Current projects of the Department of Logical Systems and Models:

1)Project “Contemporary Logic and Semantics – terms, conceptions and tendencies” (2015-2018) – team leader Prof. DSc Martin Tabakov

2) Joint project with the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences “Logical Paradoxes – Epistemic, Ontological and Linguistic Solutions and Interpretations” (2015-2017) – team leader Assoc. Prof. Doroteya Angelova


3)Joint project with the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic “Non-classical Logical Systems and Their Applications” (2017-2019) – team leader Assoc. Prof. Doroteya Angelova

Staff Members

1. Prof. DSc Martin Tabakov –  Head of Department
2. Assoc. Prof. D.Sc. Vasil Penchev
4. Assist. Prof. Dr Kristiyan Enchev
5. Assoc. Prof. Dr Nikolai Obreshkov

Violeta Koleva 847 75 70 – Secretary;